Maisha's Latest Photos

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Maisha and Kiasa browsing

Maisha and Mukkoka browsing

Maisha and Mukkoka browsing


Maisha and Tagwa

Jotto, Maisha and Tagwa

Musiara, Tamiyoi and Maisha

Musiara, Maktao and Maisha

Maisha and Tagwa

Maisha, Sagala and Maktao

Maisha and Sagala

Jotto, Maktao and Maisha


Maisha flapping her ears

Maisha after the 9am feed

Maisha holding grass in her trunk

Sagala waiting to go home at 5pm

Maisha curious about what is under the rock

Sagala before the "moving rock"incident

Maisha pulling grass with her trunk

Maisha pulling grass from the ground

Maisha sucking her trunk



Maisha sucking her trunk

Maisha ready to go home at 5pm

Maisha waiting patiently for her milk bottle

Maisha sniffs the air

Maisha can sniff the milk bottles

Tamiyoii and Maisha walking together

Maisha looking for roots from the ground

Maisha Sattao and Enkesha head to 11am feed

Maisha finds refuge with friends

Maisha with a mouthful of grass

Maisha sniffing the air

Maisha doesn't play with her food

Maisha playing around

Poor little Maisha

Maktao with Maisha on the right

Maisha browses close to her Keeper

Maisha browsing

Maisha enjoys the lush grass

Little Maisha

Maisha, Mapia and Emoli

Maisha browsing

Maisha browsing

Malkia and Maisha

Maisha on some browsing moves

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