Archival pictures of Makena

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Angela Sheldrick with Makena September 2005


Narripi leading Makena

The keepers try to feed the young calf

Preparing for loading

Makena with the rangers that rescued her

Makena with some of the rangers that rescued her

Makena with Ol Ari Nyiro staff

Makena prhotographed at Ol Ari Nyiro before departing for Nairobi

Makena is met by the keepers and follows them to the waiting aircraft

Makena is loaded into the aircraft

Makena is entertained while they wait for the rescue plane to arrive

Makena having been rescued, while waiting for the rescue aircraft

Makena being prepared for the flight

Makena at Ol Ari Nyiro with those involved in saving her

Makena around the Ol Ari Nyiro staff while waiting for the plane to arrive

Makena and the keepers take off

Makena is lifted onto the back of the landrover and driven to the Trust's nursery from Wilson Airport

Makena follows Benson past aero planes, fuel bowsers, and onlookers at Wilson Airport

Makena, still sad remembering Mum

Narripi and Makena

Narripi on the left of frame and Makena on the right

Naserian and Lualeni being protective over the new babies

The two babies Narripi and Makena

Angela Sheldrick greets the little calf

Makena drinks some water from a bucket

Makena enjoys a mudbath from the splashed bucket water

Makena enjoys her mudbath from the bucket water

Makena makes friends with Narripi

Mishack holds Makena on his lap throughout the fl

Off loading Makena from the back of the landrover

Makena at Wilson Airport

Makena immediately surprised everyone by flopping

Arriving at Wilson Airport Nairobi

Makena is loaded into the Cessna 206 aircraft

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