Maktao's latest photos

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Maktao with Kiko in the background

Maktao drinking rain water

Tagwa, Jotto and Maktao

Jotto with little Maktao

Shukuru, Emoli and Maktao

Maktao, Kiasa and Emoli

Esampu, Mapia and Maktao

Tagwa, Jotto, Murit and Maktao

Maktao with Sattao behind

Mapia with Maktao

Maktao also got some boosters

Maktao also likes to stay close to his Keeper

Maktao browsing

Musiara going to Maktao

Mbegu, Sattao, Maktao and Kuishi

Maktao was in Maisha's way

Maktao went to chase the warthogs

Naughty Maktao has taken to biting!

Esampu went to help Maktao

Little Maktao

Maktao loves his human family

Funny little Maktao

Maktao and Emoli

Malima standing with Maktao and Musiara

Maktao heading out with the others

Maktao playing with a puddle

Maktao browsing

Maktao in the sunshine

Maktao walking over rocks while browsing

Maktao bottle feed

Maktao finds a green shrub

Maktao walking out

Maktao so muddy in the mud bath

Maktao so muddy again!

Maktao with Emoli behind

Maktao looking so sweet with his blanket

Esampu and Maktao

Maktao still yells when it's time to leave

Maktao wanted to stay with the others

Malima, Maktao and Tagwa

Kuishi and Maktao share some greens

Maktao holding a stick

Maktao enjoying mud bath

Maktao playing with a stick

Ambo was not very happy Maktao pushed him!

Ambo ready to push Maktao

Esampu and Maktao at mud bath

Maktao with Sana Sana

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