Malima's latest photos

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Malima in the lead

Malima greeting Musiara

Bomani and Malima

Malima in the water

Malima and Ambo playing

Ndiwa and Malima

Malima and Ndiwa

Malima and Naseku browsing

Sattao and Malima browsing

Malima and Musiara scratching

Malima leading


Malima browsing with Musiara

Ndiwa and Malima

Malima scratching

Malima greeting Garzi

Malima and Mapia

Malima and Sapalan playing

Dololo sparring with Malima

Malima scratching

Malima on the ground near Mundusi and Ndiwa

Musiara and Malima with their branches

Malima and Musiara wrestling

Esampu and Malima wrestling and Kuishi arriving

Malima browsing

Malima scratching her trunk

Sapalan and Malima

Lapa fighting with Malima

Ambo and Malima

Mapia and Malima soil dusting

Malima holidng a branch in her mouth

Malima greeting a wild calf

Karisa plays with Malima

Malima browsing with Lemoyian

Malima playing with Karisa

Malima playing

Kauro and Malima browsing

Chaimu following Malima

Malima playing first thing in the morning


Malima scratching

Rapa plays with Malima

Tusuja playing with Malima

Malima scratching

Malima scratching in the early morning

Malkia and Malima

Malima scratching her bottom

Kauro & Malima browsing together

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