Malima's Latest Photos

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Malima dusting

Malima on the dust mound

Malima having a nap

Musiara, Malima and Larro next to each other

Malima feeling playful

Malima splashing water

Malima running after Larro

Malima swinging her trunk

Sagala and Malima



Larro and Malima

Larro and Malima




Dololo with Malima

Malima and Musiara browsing together

Malima scratching her eye

Malima trying to dig the ground with her tusks

Malima catching a wild scent

Malima and friends off to browse

Malima headed to the 11am visit

Malima with her Keeper




Malima and friends charging around in the bush

Malima searching for roots

Malima rubbing her trunk against a tree

Malima sucking her trunk

Malima enjoying her bottle of milk

Malima sniffing the air

Malima grabbing branches with her trunk

Malima reaching up to the juiciest leaves

Malkia Maktao & Malima with her ears spread open

Malima catching some wild animal scents

Malima browsing

Malima waiting her turn to go down to mud-bath

Malima browsing in the forest

Malima heading down to the mud-bath

Maktao leaning on Malima

Jotto Malima and Musiara out in the forest

Malima browsing with Tagwa

Malima playing in the mud

Malima in a playful mood

Malima was not happy with Kiko

Malima enjoying the lush green grass

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