Malima's Latest Photos

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Malima with her ears raised.

Kuishi, Malima, and Mapia in the lorry

Malima suckling on her Keepers hand.

Malima, Kuishi and Mapia

Larro standing close to Malima.

Mapia, Kuishi, and Malima headed back to the bush

Malima and Mapia cuddling after their training.

Sagala and Malima in the field with the other orphans.

Malima and Maisha browsing together in the field.

Malima and Mapia browsing together in the field.

Larro snuggling up to Malima.

Mapia, Kuishi and Malima returning after another training session.

Sattao and Malima at 9am feed

Malima and Tagwa kicking up dust

Emoli and Malima playing

Sagala Larro Malima and Jotto play on the dust mou

Malima dusting

Jotto Malima and Emoli playing

Malima on the dust mound

Kiombo watches Malima play with the hose

Sagala Malima and Jotto wrestling with each other

Emoli playing with Malima

Emoli Maisha Malima and Mukkoko on the dust mound

Ambo Mapia Malima dusting

Malima having a nap

Mapia Malima and Sagala

Sattao wanting to share the hose with Malima

Jotto and Malima with Emoli

Sagala Malima Jotto on the dust mound

Musiara, Malima and Larro next to each other

Malima feeling playful

Malima and Kuishi at the mud-bath

Malima splashing water

Malima running after Larro

Malima and Enkesha enjoy mudbath

Malima swinging her trunk

Sagala and Malima


Sagala and Malima


Larro and Malima

Emoli, Malima and Kuishi

Emoli, Malima, Sagala and Kuishi

Larro and Malima




Dololo with Malima

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