Melia's latest photos

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Melia scratching her trunk

Melia scratching on a bench

Suguta and Melia

Tumaren, Melia, Suguta and Kilaguni

Melia, Chaimu and Tumaren

Melia scratching

Melia and Suguta scratching

Ithumbah, Tumaren & Melia


Sabachi, Chaimu, Tumaren, Suguta & Melia

Melia relaxing under thickets

Chaimu and Melia with some of the other orphans

Tumaren and Melia browse close together

Tumaren and Melia feeding

Melia scratching

Chaimu, Tumaren, Suguta & Melia taking water

Suguta and Melia

Melia having a drink of water

Naserian and Melia


Chaimu, Suguta, Sumaren & Melia taking water

Melia taking milk

Melia playing

Melia in the bush

Melia smiling


Melia reaching for leaves

Melia on the left with Tumaren

Sities next to Melia during games

Melia waits for a Keeper



Melia having fun with the others


Mawenzi next to Melia

Mawenzi staying close to Melia

Melia holding Chaimus tail


Mawenzi next to her best friend Melia.


Melia in the forest


Melia on the left playing with Ndii

Melia with Adan

Melia playing in the forest

Melia playing at the mudbath

Melia on the left with Olare

Melia behind the others

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