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Mteto naughty at feeding time


Mteto, Musiara and Malkia browse together

Mteto stays close to Musiara and Malkia

Kuishi browsing with Mteto

Mteto has been nicknamed the laughing girl

Hello Mteto!

Mteto browsing

Mteto and Kuishi early morning browsing

Mteto busy browsing

Kuishi and Mteto browse together

Mteto reaching up for some soft leaves

Mteto was scared by the buffalo

Malkia, Godoma, Mteto, Mbegu & Sattao

Mteto looked for extra lucerne

Mteto messing around

Mteto was a naughty girl this morning

Mteto is in a bad mood recently

Mteto was not very nice to the little one

Mteto happy browsing further away now

Mteto is a very greedy girl

Malkia didn't want Mteto to have her bottle

Mteto likes to wonder off into the forest

Mteto is becoming a naughty little thing!

Esampu has been a bad role model for Mteto!

Mteto browsing with Mundusi and Ndiwa

Mteto with Enkesha

Ndiwa with Mteto

Mteto was in a bad mood today

Mteto in a very restless mood!

Mteto having her milk

Mteto wanted to reach out to Mundusi

Mteto ran after Kelelari

Ndotto, Ndiwa, Mteto and Mbegu

Sana Sana greeting Mteto

Tamiyoi with Mteto

Dupotto greeting Mteto

Kelelari was not being very nice to Mteto

Malkia welcoming Mteto

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