Mundusi's latest photos

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Mundusi heading to a green branch

Mundusi browsing

Mundusi and Jotto browse together

Mundusi doesn't like to waste time

Mundusi slowly walking along

Mundusi soil dusting

Mundusi and Ndiwa

Mundusi running away

Mundusi being a little trouble maker

Mundusi greeting a friend in the forest

Mbegu with Mundusi

Mundusi running in for her milk

Mundusi and Murit like the lucerne pellets too

Mundusi is naughty like Ndiwa!

Mundusi making a break for early feeding!

Mundusi with Karisa

Mteto browsing with Mundusi and Ndiwa

Poor Mundusi just wanted some more pellets

Mundusi is not fully settled yet

Mundusi rushing to get his milk!

Mteto wanted to reach out to Mundusi

Mundusi's first day out

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