Murit's latest photos

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Murit & others enjoying Lucerne pellets

Murit scratching

Murit climbing the stockade terrace

Murit having a scratching session

Murit and Mbegu browsing

Murit and Mbegu scratching

Murit scratching

Godoma playing with Murit

Murit and Mashariki dust bathing

Murit playing with Godoma

Murit left and Godoma browsing

Murit feasting on creepers

Mbegu stretches her trunk towards Murit

Sagala and Murit sparring

Murit and Lasayen strength testing

Lasayen and Murit strength testing

Murit and Lasayen playing a pushing game

Murit scratching

Ngilai sparring with Murit

Pika Pika, Murit and Lasayen

Pika Pika and Murit in the water

Murit getting between Emoli & Sagala

Murit and Pika Pika

Rorogoi and Murit

Murit down playing with Pika Pika

Murit left with Mbegu

Murit & Ngilai with trunks raised

Ndotto, Mbegu and Murit

Murit at mudbath

Ngilai Emoli and Murit

Mbegu and Murit greeting Mwitu and Eco

Ngilai and Murit

Murit and Ngilai soil bathing

Ngilai and Murit strength testing

Sagala, Pika Pika, Tahri & Murit under Mbegu

Murit and Lasayen playing

Ngilai and Murit strength testing

Lasayen left and Murit playing

Murit and Lasayen strength tesing

Lasayen & Murit strength testing

Murit enjoying pellets

Sagala & Murit outside Pika Pika's stockade

Murit playing

Murit wanting to play with Ngilai

Ngilai and Murit playing

Murit, Suswa and Arruba join the wild herd

Murit and Lasayen playing

Murit scratching

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