Napasha's latest photos

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Napasha quickens his pace as he leads the others

Olmalo and Napasha playing

Napasha tries to get Taita to get up

Napasha playing with Yatta

Napasha mounts Taita

Napasha leads, Taita and Tomboi follow

Napasha nd Taita playing

Napasha mounts a rock

Wendi leads, Tomboi follows then Napasha

Napasha feeding

Nasalot rests her trunk on Napasha

Napasha resting under the shade of a tree

Napasha, Tomboi &Nasalot fight over who will lead

Yatta with Napasha and Mulika

Napasha, Taitia and Yatta

Napasha holding a milk bottle

Yatta pushing and playing with Napasha

Napasha mounts Taita

Napasha fights with Taita

Napasha mounts Tomboi

Napasha nose diving

Taita, Nasalot and Napasha

Tomboi, Yatta, Napasha and Selengai

Napasha and Tomboi relaxing in the shade

Olmalo, Napasha and Yatta

Taita pushes Napasha

Napasha begging for milk

Napasha sitting and Wendi scratching

Napasha with a keeper

Napasha having a rest from all the fun and games

Napasha having some lunch

Yatta standing while Napasha plays with Taita

Napasha nose dives on the way to the stockade

Wendi crossing over Napasha

Napasha and Tomboi

Olmalo and Napasha playing

Napasha, Mulika and Yatta

Napasha in the water

Napasha with Julius

Wendi, Olmalo and Napasha

Napasha leaning on a tree

Napasha scratching himself against a tree

Nasalot and Napasha

Napasha and Nasalot having a soilbath


Yatta communicating to Napasha

Mulika scratching against Napasha

Selengai and Napasha leading

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