Ndara's latest photos

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Ndara greeting Mbegu

Ndara and Neptune

Ndara and Neptune

Nepture and Ndara

Ndara and Neptune coming to the stocakde

Ndara and Neptune enjoying Lucerne

Ndara and Neptune

Tassia guarding Ndara and Neptune

Ndara and Neptune arrive at the stockades

Ndara and Neptune visit

Ndara keeping an eye on Neptune in the water

Nepture getting ready to nurse from Ndara

Ndara and Neptune

Ndara and baby Neptune

Ndara, Emma and Lolokwe

Edie, Eden and Ndara

Ndara with Safi

Ndara in the stockade compound

Emma, Eden & Ndara in the stkd

Ndara drinking in the stkd

Ndara,Emily,Emma sleeping& Laikipia in the stkd

Sweet Sally & Ndara drinking in the stkd trough

Emma led out of the water by Ndara and Thoma

Sweet Sally, Mweya, Seraa, Thoma and Ndara visit.

Ndara pushing with Lolokwe

Ndara and Mweya were the first to notice

Animals drinking from the Ndara water pump

Ndara searching for the young ones

Ndara picks Copra Crumbs

Ndara Emily and others at the stockade

Ndara at the Lucene Area

Ndara at the stockade

Ndara enjoying the soil bathing

Ndara drinking water

Icholta, Ndara, Irima & Seraa

Shimba walks past Laikipia, Ndara and Mweya


Ndara and Icholta

Ndara arrives with her friends

Ndara left greeting Dabassa

Ndara drinking at the stockade

Ndara with wild elephants

Ndara, Sweet Sally and Mweya

Ndara having copra cake with the youngsters

Ndara enjoys a bath

Ndara with the other orphans

Ndara drinking with the orphans

Ndara drinking with the orphans

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