Ndotto's latest photos

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Ndotto and Panda sparring


Ndotto browsing

Ndotto at the water trough

Ndotto browsing

Thamana, Godoma and Ndotto browsing

Lasayen and Ndotto playing

Ndotto and Kenderi

Ngilai, Ndotto and a keeper

Ndotto at the water trough

Mbegu and Ndotto

Ndotto finding food in nooks and crannies

Ndotto browsing


Ndotto out with the other orphans

Ndotto and Kihari sparring

Ndotto and Kihari wrestling

Ndotto in the morning

Ndotto throwing soil as the rest wallow

Ndotto handsomely browsing

Ndotto browsing in the rocks

Ndotto climbing on Arruba with Kihari pushing him

Panda and Ndotto wrestling

Ndotto enjoying the wet mud

Murit lying on the dust bath with Ndotto behind

Ndotto and Ngilai

Ndotto in the water

Panda and Ndotto sparring

Ndotto enjoying the water

Ndotto splashing in the water

Pika PIka riding on Ndotto

Ndotto and Sagala

Mbegu, Ndotto, Godoma, Lasayen, Ngilai coming down

Panda and Ndotto playing

Lasayen, Ndotto and Murit

Ndotto with tiny Losoito

Panda and Ndotto

Mbegu in front of Ndotto

Ndotto with friends

Panda and Ndotto sparring

Mbegu in front, with Ndotto, Lasayen and Ngilai


Pika Pika, Lasayen and Ndotto behind

Ngilai and Ndotto sparring

Ndotto teaching Itinyi

Ndotto beside the mud bath

Ngilai and Ndotto


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