Ndotto's Latest Photos

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Ndotto playing

Ndotto testing the waters


Ndotto playing on the water trough

Ndotto lying down with Ngilai behind


Mbegu and Ndotto closer to the wild bull

Ndotto playing Ishaq-B

Ndotto, Ngilai and Mbegu


Ndotto riding on Kihari's back

Ndotto pushing a tree

Ndotto enjoying hte lush grash

Ndotto sniffing the air to locate his friends

Ndotto in a playful mood

Ndotto enjoying a scratching session

Ndotto attempting to roll in the mud

Ndotto playing in the water

Ndotto and Murit pushing games

Ndotto greeting Lesanju

Ndotto scratching his bottom

Lasayen inviting Ndotto to play


Ndotto on Msinga Hill

Ndotto after mudbath

Ndotto near the waterhole

Ndotto standing in the mudbath having a drink

Ndotto scratching against a rock

Ndotto at the stockade compound

Ndotto after a dusbath

Ndotto scratching

Ndotto moving downhill

Ndotto sniffing the air

Ndotto playing at the terrace

Ndotto playing

Ndotto trying to play pushing games with a rock

Ndotto standing in the middle of the mudbath

Ndotto lying on soft soil

Ndotto at the stockade terrace with others

Ndotto browsing near a herd of buffalo

Ndotto standing in the water trough

Ndotto and Mbegu play fighting

Ndotto and Mbegu

Ndotto going down the stocakde terrace

Ndotto in the water with the others

Ndotto playing

Ndotto dustbathing

Ndotto front splashing

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