Ngilai's latest photos

Back to Ngilai

Ngilai ran back to the stockades

Ngilai does not like the mud bath all the time

Ngilai playing around

Ngilai did not stay around for long!

Godoma with Ngilai

Malima browsing with Ngilai

Ngilai, Galla, Esampu and Godoma

Ngilai obviously in a playful mood

Ngilai was chasing Kuishi

Maxwell going to play with Ngilai

Kuishi escaping from Ngilai

Ngilai needs to be watched!

Ngilai playing with mud

Luggard speaking to Ngilai

Luggard with Ngilai

Ngilai messing around

Ngilai being so playful

Ngilai with little Jotto

Ambo, Ngilai and Tamiyoi at mud bath

Ngilai messing around

Lasayen, Rapa and Ngilai enjoying mud bath

Ngilai enjoying some nice greens

Ngilai enjoying his browse

Ngilai enjoying his milk bottle

Little Ngilai doesn't like mud baths that much

Ngilai can sometimes play a bit rough!

Ngilai was in a playful mood

Godoma browsing with Ngilai

Ngilai leading others to browse

Rapa, Godoma and Ngilai

Ngilai having fun this morning

Sana Sana was having fun with Ngilai and others

Ndotto, Tamiyoi and Ngilai

Ngilai in a fun mood

Ngilai loves pushing games!

Ngilai can sometimes be so naughty

Ngilai with Roi

Ngilai still loves Kamok

Ngilai was naughty and bullied poor Tagwa

Ngilai was very playful this morning

Esampu Jotto and Ngilai

Poor little Tagwa was chased by Ngilai!

Ngilai out in the forest

Ngilai in a happy mood

Ngilai was being a very sweet boy today

Kamok, Ngilai and Roi

Wanjala and Ngilai

Ngilai playing in the ground

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