Olorien's latest photos

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Naleku, Kindani and Olorien drinking water

Kiasa with Larro and Olorien

Kinyei and Olorien out in the Park

Kinyei and Olorien enjoying a trunk hug

Ziwadi snuggling up to Olorien

Olorien browsing behind her friend Ziwadi

Maktao watching over Olorien

Ziwadi browsing with Olorien

Bondeni, Kindani, Kinyei and Olorien browsing

Olorien drinking from the water trough

Maktao browsing with Olorien

Nabulu browsing near Olorien

Olorien cuddling up to Kinyei

Olorien snuggled up to Maisha

Kiasa with Olorien in the forest

Olorien drinking from the water trough

Olorien playing with a stick

Larro with Olorien and Kindani

Olorien browsing near Kiasa



Ziwadi and Olorien

Olorien and Ziwadi

Kiasa with Olorien

Olorien with Maisha behind

Olorien with Ziwadi behind

Roho, Kiombo and Olorien

Olorien and Nabulu


Ziwadi and Olorien out in the forest

Olorien having fun in the forest

Larro and Olorien out in the forest

Olorien browsing on her own

Olorien enjoying some greens

Olorien huddles behind Mukkoka browsing

Ziwadi browsing with Olorien

Ziwadi, Olorien and Bondeni walking

Ziwadi and Olorien in the forest

Maisha and Kiasa checking on Olorien

Olorien with her Keeper

Ziwadi and Olorien browsing in the Park

Olorien playing hide and seek

Maktao, Olorien and Maisha in the forest

Ziwadi and Olorien browsing together

Olorien and Ziwadi smelling each other

Olorien out in the forest

Kiasa, Nabulu, and Maisha with Olorien

Olorien browsing with Naboishu

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