Olsekki's latest photos

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Kamok went browsing with Olsekki and Enkikwe

Olsekki ran off with the other boys

Olsekki playing with the younger babies

Olsekki out in the field

Olsekki and Sirimon browsing

Olsekki is a talented boy!

Olsekki the greedy boy

Enkikwe and Olsekki, the bully boys!

Olsekki out in the bush

Enkikwe and Olsekki behind

Mbegu and Olsekki in a small mud bath

Olsekki, a greedy young boy!

Olsekki is a little greedy boy

Olsekki being a naughty boy

Olsekki decided to play with the Impala

Olsekki was in a very naughty mood today

Poor Sirimon lost his bottle to Olsekki

Olsekki left, and Sirimon

Olsekki was being naughty just before milk time

Olsekki and Sirimon pushing each other

Olsekki joined in charging around the forest

Olsekki was being disciplined by Suswa today

Olsekki and Enkikwe

Olsekki playing with Sirimon

Olsekki running from Suswa

Olsekki and Balguda

Olsekki wanted to play as well

Sirimon the victorious and Olsekki

Roi, Siangiki, Olsekki and Enkikwe

Olsekki playing in the mud

Olsekki helps accompany Elkerama

Olsekki after trying to steal Maxwell's lucerne.

Oltaiyoni played with Olsekki

Olsekki and Oltaiyoni chased eachother

Olsekki keeps misbehaving at feeding time

Sirimon and Olsekki together

Olsekki was being a nuisance

Oltaiyoni knows how to control Olsekki

Roi before being knocked over by Olsekki

Olsekki in trouble

Olsekki chewing on a stick

Olsekki looking sheepish after his time out

Olsekki charging back to an empty stockade

Sweet Olsekki


Olsekki out with the others


Olsekki becoming very friendly

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