Orok's latest photos

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Orok and Rapsu sparring

Orok sharing water with the orphans.

Orok entering the water


Orok with the orpahns

Orok drinking with the orphans

Orok mud bathing with the orphans

Orok and Chaimu waking up

Orok plays with a wild elephant in the water

Orok with the juniors

Orok teaching Barsilinga some wrestling tactics

Meibai engaging Orok

Orok with a wild bull

Ex Orphan Orok

Orok and wild elephant Half Trunk

Teleki playing with Orok

Orok joins the orphans

Laragai and Barsilinga sniffing at Orok

Orok and Taita

Orok out in the bush browsing

Orok standing in the water trough

Tomboi and Orok

Lualeni and Orok with the juniors

Orok and Sunyei

Orok visiting the young ones

Madiba and Orok visited the orphans

Orwa, Galana and Orok

Kenze playing with Orok

Orok enjoying Lucerne

Orok playing with Tomboi

Buchuma plays with Orok

Orok mounts on Sunyei




Orok and Taita


Orok, Yettu and Yatta

Orok dustbathing


Orok in the mudbath


Orok with the youngsters

Buchuma & Orok

Orok and two wild bulls

Orok coming to the stockades

Orok and Mulika

Orok scratching

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