Orwa's latest photos

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Bomani and Orwa stop at the watertorugh

Orwa enjoying Lucerne

Orwa dust bathing

Orwa at the stockde compound bright and early

Orwa pays the stockades a visit

Orwa and Bomani sleeping outside the stocakde

Orwa and Bomani

Sities sparring with Orwa


Orwa and Pare

Orwa and Kithaka

Orwa in the early morning


Dololo and Orwa

Orwa and Nabulu


Garzi and Orwa

Orwa browsing


Orwa with Ambo

Olsekki, Orwa and Ambo


Orwa and Barsilinga sparring

Orwa after a dust bath

Bomani sleeping with Orwa beside

Orwa and Bomani


Orwa playing with Kilaguni

Bomani playing with Orwa

Orwa riding on Roi

Orwa playing in the dust

Chemi Chemi and Orwa playng

Orwa and Bomani

Orwa in the water

Orwa and Bomani relaxing

Orwa dust bathing

Orwa sleeping

Siangiki, Orwa and Turkwel

Kilaguni playing with Orwa

Orwa and Mutara dusting

Orwa and Bomani

Jotto and Orwa with a pile of lucerne each

Mapia and Orwa

Orwa and Pare climbing some rocks near the stockade compound.

Orwa leading the orphans.

Orwa playing

Orwa plays with Tusuja

Orwa and Bomani

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