Orwa's latest photos

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Orwa plays with a branch

Lovely Murera out with Orwa for company

Lovely Orwa

Wonder boy Orwa

Ishaq-B and Orwa at the mudbath

Lovely gentle Orwa with Abdi

Orwa dustbathing as Murera watches

Orwa with Abdi

Orwa at the mudbath

Orwa at the mudbath

Lumo, Orwa and Peter

Murera and Orwa

Orwa out in the bush

Orwa and Kithaka

Sweet Orwa

Moju with Orwa

Orwa playing with a stick

Tiny Lemek under Orwa

Orwa with a keeper

Orwa in the bush with a keeper

Orwa sniffing

Orwa having milk


Orwa heading out with the rest of the group

Orwa coming to the mudbath

Orwa in the forest

Orwa browsing

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