Panda's latest photos

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Dabassa left engaging Panda

Panda embracing Tahri

Dabassa engaging Panda in a pushing game

Panda enjoying range cubes with the others

Layoni left and Panda

Panda and Ndii browsing

Kihari and Panda on dust piles

Panda playing in the red soil

Panda and Kihari engaging

Layoni engaging Panda

Arruba and Panda browsing

Panda walking slowly on the steep hill slopes

Panda leading browsing activities

Layoni trying to engage Panda without success

Panda at the stockade

Layoni engaging Panda

Mbirikani testing Panda's strength

Rorogoi and Panda strength testing games

Panda climbs on terrace to take Naipoki

Panda making a small mud well

Panda following the others down the hill

Kenia being escorted by Panda

Panda attempts to lead the orphans

Panda attempring to climb the terrace

Dabassa engaging Panda

Dabassa and Panda wrestling

Panda sliding in the water

Panda enjoys bathtime

Panda Arruba and Lentili

Panda heading to the water trough

Pasaka takes refuge close to Panda

Panda and Suswa rubbing against the same rock

Panda and Kihari early morning games

Naipoki pushing Panda to flat groud

Panda takes lead during browsing

Bada lft & Panda in a bathing competition

Panda after bathing

Panda scratching

Dabassa engaging Panda

Dabassa test Panda's strength

Panda reaching for green shoots

Panda scratching up

Panda browsing

Panda drinks milk as Dabassa and Kivuko look on

Embu and Panda find a nice spot

Araba stays with Ishaq-B, Naipoki and Panda

Panda on wall pushing games

Panda and Mbirikani scratching on the same tree

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