Pare's Latest Photos

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Sapalan Garzi and Pare

Mundusi playign with Pare

Pare leading the orphans

Pare dusting

Pare playing with Sapalan

Pare playing with Sapalan

Karisa playing with Pare

Pare charging

Kibo standing in between Mundusi and Pare.

Naseku, Pare, and Mteto running down for the milk.

Pare drinking his midday bottle of milk.

Orwa and Pare climbing some rocks near the stockade compound.

Mundusi and Pare play fighting.

Mundusi playing with Pare

Pare, Enkikwe and Malkia

Tusuja and Pare racing for milk

Pare playing with Sapalan

Suguta and Pare

Pare coming to the mudbath

Namalok chats with Pare

Pare and Mteto feeding

Pare drops a bottle

Pare browsing with Mundusi

Karisa and Pare after mudbath

Pare & Mundusi strength testing

Tumaren and Pare in the wallow

Pare busy browsing

Pare and Ndiwa facing off

Esampu, Tusuja, Pare browsing

Karisa plays with Pare

Pare playing with Kamok

Pare leading

Nusu playing with Pare

Pare scratching his neck

Pare pushing Kama

Maramoja, Pare, Dupotto coming for milk

Pare scratching his bottom

Pare scratching his bottom

Pare playing with Tusuja

Pare leading

Pare scratching

Karisa and Pare browsing together

Pare greeting Olare

Pare challenging Kibo

Pare scratching

Sapalan and Pare

Olsekki and Pare

Galla and Pare having a drink

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