Pare's Latest Photos

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Tusuja and Pare racing for milk

Pare coming to the mudbath

Namalok chats with Pare

Pare and Mteto feeding

Pare drops a bottle

Pare busy browsing

Pare playing with Kamok

Pare leading

Pare scratching his neck

Pare scratching his bottom

Pare scratching his bottom

Pare playing with Tusuja

Pare leading

Pare scratching

Pare greeting Olare

Pare scratching

Galla and Pare having a drink

Pare playing with Naseku

Pare scratching and Dupotto

Roi chats with Pare

Pare playing around

Naseku and Pare finds some green leaves

Kauro and Pare

Pare pushing Kama

Pare feeds with Ukame

Wild bull with Pare, Maramoja and Dupotto

Maramoja browsing with Pare

Pare begging from Mulika

Pare and Siangiki

Naseku and Pare

Loading Pare for the move

Pare playing with Nusu

Pare with the other orphans

Maramoja and Pare in the shade

Pare walks to the mud-bath

Pare rests on one leg

Something scared Pare and others

Pare just relaxing

Pare was being naughty

Pare at the mud-bath

Pare at the mud-bath

Pare is a quiet browsing mood

Pare and Lasayen in the mud bath

Pare walking in the forest

Pare looking all muddy

Pare has some nice tusks

Pare wanted to steal some lucerne

Pare going to play a pushing game

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