Pare's latest photos

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Pare dust bathing

Pare scratching

Jotto and Pare sparring

Jotto and Pare playing

Pare dust bathing

Pare playing

Malkia and Pare browsing

Dololo sparring with Pare

Pare and Dololo browsing together

Karisa playing with Pare

Pare climbing on Mteto

Dololo pushing Pare

Pare riding on Jotto

Lemoyian and Pare browsing

Pare sparring with Karisa

Pare sparring with Sattao

Jotto greets Pare

Tusuja, Sattao and Pare browsing together

Galla and Pare

Musiara with Pare

Pare playing

Pare climbing on Jotto

Pare & Karisa communicating with each other

Pare having fun

Pare sparring with Mundusi

Pare playing with Karisa

Pare and Karisa sparring

Pare and Karisa

Pare and Ambo interacting with a wild bull

Pare and Karisa sparring

Jotto and Pare

Pare, Malkia and Rapa head to the mudbath

Jotto browsing with Pare


Pare and Lemoyian sparring

Pare tries to bully Sattao

Jotto and Pare

Oltaiyoni grabbing Pare's tail

Malkia, Musiara, Pare and Wanjala

Pare playing with Sapalan

Wanjala strength testing with Pare

Mundusi playing with Pare

Wanjala, Pare & Mtito browsing

Malkia, Sana Sana and Pare

Pare leaning on a rock

Sana Sana, Pare and Malima

Pare and Namalok play fighting

Pare and Esampu

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