Rama's Archival Photos

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Rama in the forest

Farewell sweet Rama

Sweet Rama in the forest

Poor Rama resting his legs

Rama enjoying his milk

Rama relaxing by a tree

Rama out in the forest

Rama and Kerrio browsing

Roho and Rama at the mud bath with the herd

Rama and Barnoti walking together

Rama alert in the forest

Rama relaxing in the forest

Bondeni rolling around and Rama on the edge

Rama enjoying his milk

Rama in the Park

Neshashi and Rama at the mud bath

Naleku, Esoit and Rama wrestling at the mud bath

Kinyei and Rama browsing together

Rama happily browsing

Rama walking in the forest

Rama and the orphans at the mud bath

Naleku, Esoit and Rama all muddy

Rama down at the mud bath

Rama and Barnoti browsing together

Grumpy Rama

Suguroi and Rama in the mud bath

Rama splashing mud all over

Rama peacefully browsing


Roho, Olorien and Rama


Rama browsing


Rama and Roho being playful in the forest

Rama peacefully browsing

Esoit and Rama mud bathing

Rama munching on a branch

Esoit, Roho and Rama playing in the forest

Rama loving his mud bath

Rama and Mukkoka out in the forest

Kindani, Rama and Olorien browsing

Rama and Roho browsing

Rama checking on Barnoti

Rama, Naleku, Kindani and Kerrio browsing

Rama doing a trunk wave

Naleku, Ziwadi, Olorien and Rama walking

Shukuru and Rama spending time together

Olorien, Shukuru and Rama browsing together