Archival pictures of Rapa

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Rapa, Suswa and Dupotto

Rapa in a playful mood


Mbegu and Rapa

Rapa and Tusuja

Rapa sucking his trunk

In the middle of the group

Out with the other orphans

Rapa joins the others in the bush

Rapa munching a twig

Enjoying some milk

Sucking Peter's finger

In the shade

Enjoying greens

The day after rescue

Some of the injuries the calf sustained in the well

The exhausted calf resting

The calf is called Rapa

The calf in the stockade

The pickup and calf arrive at the Nursery

The calf is offloaded at Wilson

Strapping the calf in for the flight

All of the rescuers

Preparing to load the calf onto the plane

Sera Wildlife Conservancy Ranger

The rescue plane

The calf being restrained

Restraining the calf

The calf is offloaded

Taking milk

Tasting the milk

Peter greets the new orphan

Rescue team and orphan at the airstrip

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