Roho's Latest Photos

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Roho browsing close to Tamiyoi

Roho suckling on Tagwa's ear

Dololo browsing with Roho near him, and Musiara

Roho enjoying a mud bath

Roho mud bathing near Tagwa

Roho trying to get some of Maktao's greens

Kiasa, Tagwa, Roho, and Maisha browsing together

Tagwa, Roho, and Sattao mud bathing

Kiasa, Roho, and Maisha eating some grass

Roho rubbing up against Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi, Roho and Sattao getting their milk

Dololo, Enkesha, Roho and Tagwa in the forest

Roho, Tagwa, Musiara and Kiasa out in the forest

Musiara, Roho, and Maisha browsing on long grass

Roho and Larro mud bathing together

Kiasa, Roho and Enkesha

Ziwadi, Roho and Maisha

Roho with Tagwa

Roho and Tagwa

Dololo, Roho and Enkesha

Tamiyoi, Roho and Kiasa

Roho and Tagwa


Roho with Tagwa

Dololo, Roho and Enkesha

Roho with Enkesha

Maisha, Roho, and Tamiyoi in the forest

Maisha next to Roho, Mukkoka and Tamiyoi

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