Archival pictures of Sidai

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Sidai, moment after she is carried to the stockade and the straps removed from her legs

Sidai's first day out with the others

While the new orphan remains wild and frightened the Keepers need to keep well out of the way

Sidai, carried into the stockade and a broad spectrum antibiotic administered

Stephen and Felix ride in the back of the landcruiser with the rescued elephant calf

The elephant is driven from the Wilson airport to the Nairobi nusery

Well wishers on the airstip at Ol Pejita conservancy

The orphaned elephant and rescue aircraft

Felix in the plane with Sidii strapped in the back

Keeper and calf

The pilot ensures the calf is straped in securely

Batian Craig checks on Sidai just before take off

Sidai about to be loaded into the aircraft

Sidai is loaded onto the vehicle

The calf is loaded onto the back of the pickup

The Keepers try to get some rehydration down her

The young calf is captured

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