Sokotei's Archival Photos

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Sokotei browsing

Kithaka and Sokotei

Sokotei and Kamok playing

Sokotei drinks fresh rain water

Sokotei finds a quiet browsing spot

Sokotei and Enkikwe play fight

Sokotei playing with Lemoyian

Sokotei plays with Enkikwe

Sokotei playing with Lemoyian

Sokotei wrestling with Tusuja

Sokotei relaxing under a tree

Sokotei climbing on Olsekki

Keeper getting the bottle snatched by Sokotei


Boromoko playing with Sokotei

Sokotei playing with Lemoyian

Sokotei playing with Lemoyian

Olsekki playing with Sokotei

Sokotei browsing

Playful Bomani and Sokotei

Sokotei and Lemoyian playing

Sokotei dusting games

Sokotei playing on the ground

Wild elephant with the orphans

Sokotei playing with Olsekki

Sokotei soil dusting

Sokotei climbing on Olsekki

Sokotei in the shade

Half Trunk with Sokotei at mud bath

Sokotei scratching with Naseku

Sirimon and Sokotei

Lemoyian playing with Sokotei

Sokotei browsing

Sokotei scratching on the rocks

Sokotei feeding with Bongo

Sokotei scratching

Sokotei charging at warthogs

Sokotei plays with Olsekki

Olsekki and Sokotei soil bathing

Sokotei leading to mud bath

Sokotei and Olsekki soil dusting

Sokotei with a mouth full of lucerne

Sokotei messing around

Sokotei in a funny charging mood

Enkikwe plays with Sokotei

Boromoko with Sokotei

Sokotei and Bomani

Sokotei's Legacy

Sokotei is forever in our hearts.