Solango's latest photos

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Solango browsing with the youngsters

Solango at the stocakde

Solango left playing with the wild boy

Solango lifting his trunk


Solango with the youngsters

Solango arrives at the stockades

Solango browsing with the Juniors

Solango joins the youngsters in the water

Solango at the water hole wit h the youngsters


Solango left playing with Siria

Solango having a drink of water

Solango drinking with the youngsters

Solango having dairy cubes

Solango browsing

Solango out browsing

Thoma left greeting Solango

Shimba and Solango

Siria left and Solango

The youngsters with Solango

Siria and Solango

Lolokwe behind Solango

Solango puttinb weight on his injured leg

Solango wanting to follow the orphans

Solango limping

Solango limping is followed by a keeper

Solango is put into the stockade to be monitored


Siria playing with Solango

Solango with the youngsters

Solango left and Siria


Lempaute left and Solango

Solango with Lesanju's group


Kenia following Solango


Irima left & Solango fight over the supplements

Solango visits the stocakdes

Solango gives in as he is over powered by Irima


Solango and Burra side by side


Lolokwe and Solango at the stockade

Solango having a scratch at the stockade

Solango,Seraa & Thoma drinking

Solango at the foot of Mazinga hill

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