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Sonje and Lemoyian out in the bush


Sonje and Quanza crossing the stream


Sonje holding her own milk bottle at visiting

Barsilinga, Ngasha and Sonje

Sonje playing

Bomani and Sonje

Quanza and Sonje enjoying the dust

Orwa and Sonje playing

Sonje browsing

Sonje greeting Orwa

Naipoki greeting Sonje

Sites and Sonje

Sonje browsing


Narok, Sonje, and Naipoki

Sonje blocking the traffic

Orwa with Sonje

Sonje and Naipoki

Sonje playing with a stick

Sonje at mudbath

Barsilinga behind Sonje

Sonje browsing

Orwa holding onto Sonje's tail


Sonje, Barsilinga and Ishaq B


Sonje peeling bark from a branch

Kainuk with Sonje

Sonje charging

Sonje chasing the ball

Sonje holding her own bottle

Sonje browsing

Sonje having milk


Sonje with Kithaka

Sonje with Kihari

Sonje and Naipoki share a special moment

Sonje with Sities

Sonje out with the rest of the orphans

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