Suswa's latest photos

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Suswa having fun at the dust bath

Tagwa left dusting up with Suswa

Suswa browsing

Suswa enjoying pellets

Suswa with a mouthful of grass

Suswa splashing with her trunk

Ndoria and Suswa browsing

Suswa playing

Godoma lying down & Suswa

Ndotto climbing on Suswa's back

Suswa and Ndotto sparring

Suswa & Ndoria

Suswa browsing

Ndoria, Suswa and Godoma wallowing

Suswa greeting Ndotto

Suswa leaning against a boulder

Arruba and Suswa scratching

Suswa browsing

Arruba and Suswa having fun at mud bath

Suswa and Tamiyoi

Suswa having fun at mud bath

Suswa and Arruba out in the field

Tahri, Ndotto, Embu, Mashariki, Suswa drinking

Suswa browsing

Suswa playing at mud bath

Suswa scratching while out browsing

Suswa having a lovely time at mud bath

Suswa and Rorogoi at the dust bath

Suswa dusting up

Suswa scratching

Suswa dust bathing

Ndotto and Suswa trying to get spilt milk

Suswa playing

Ndotto left and Suswa dusting

Suswa browsing

Suswa with wild eles behind her

Suswa and Tundani browsing

Suswa scratching

Arruba left, Pika Pika and Suswa having a drink

Suswa scratching

Suswa playing

Arruba left, Embu and Suswa

Suswa coming down the road

Suswa browsing

Suswa busy browsing

Suswa browsing

Suswa scratching

Suswa playing

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