Suswa's latest photos

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Suswa scratching

Suswa playing

Suswa and Rorogoi playing on the dust hill

Suswa browsing

Suswa busy browsing


Suswa pushing Rorogoi


Suswa playing

Rorogoi and Suswa

Suswa having fun

Suswa browsing

Suswa browsing

Suswa right and Ndotto

Suswa having a drink

Embu playing with Suswa

Suswa browsing

Suswa playing

Suswa & Arruba browsing


Suswa napping

Suswa mudbathing

Suswa and Godoma playing

Suswa in a charging mood

Suswa with a mouthful of grass

Suswa sparring with Ndotto

Suswa under a small tree

Ndotto resting trunk on Suswa

Ndotto down digging and Suswa

Ndotto and Suswa

Ndotto lying down Suswa standing

Suswa moving Ndotto out of the way

Suswa dustbathing

Tahri, Arruba & Suswa on the dust piles

Suswa digging

Arruba & Suswa at the stockade gate

Ndotto sparring with Suswa

Suswa on the terrace sparring with Ndotto

Suswa browsing

Ngilai, Suswa and Kihari

Araba and Suswa at the water trough

Suswa at the water trough

Suswa and Embu

Suswa dusting


Suswa having a drink of water

Suswa browsing on a green bush

Mashariki and Suswa mudbathing

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