Talek's latest photos

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Talek with a small branch

Talek with a tortoise

Talek, Mzinga, Pardamat and Ahmed

Shujaa, Talek and friends

Taroha, Ahmed and Talek

Latika and Talek at the mud bath

Ahmed in between Talek and Pardamat

Shujaa and Talek on their way to the forest

Little Talek

Ahmed, Talek and Pardamat in the forest

Ahmed, Talek and Rafiki

Talek in the forest

Ahmed with Pardamat and Talek

Rafiki, Muktan, Mageno and Talek in a row

Mzinga and Talek playing with Kerrio

Talek in the forest

Talek making friends

Talek with gentle Kerrio

Talek and her Keeper

Talek and Mageno

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