Tano's Archival Photos

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Tano taking milk from Edwin

Tano has some quiet time in the bush

Tunadani and Tano

Tano alone in the bush

Tano crosses the stream to the mudbath

Tano dustbathing

Tano and Adan

Tano browsing with Lima Lima and Laragai

Tano heading to the moving truck

Tano busy browsing


Sweet Tano

Tano leaving the mudbath

Tano at mud bath


Tano browsing

Tano browsing

Sities, Mutara and Tano enjoying some bark



Tano browsing

Tano coming for milk

Kithaka drinking milk with Tano watching

Tano and Barsilinga

Tano curling her trunk

Tano and Naipoki

Turkwel and Tano

Tano browsing

Tano with Balguda

Tano and Sities

Tano getting splashed

Tano at the mudbath

Tano drinking with Sities begging for more

Tano browsing

Tano browsing in the forest with the others

Tano with Kilabasi

Tano and Naipoki watch over Maralal as she sleeps

Tano and Makireti


Tano greeting Kihari

Tano playing

Tano browsing

Tano and Turkwel watch overh Kithaka

Tano and Mutara

Tano in the bushes

Tano with Julius

Tano browsing

Tano browsing

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