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Kenia wrestling with Tassia

Tassia and Layoni wrestle

Tassia bonds with Layoni

Tassia cools off after the drama in the morning

Tassia gives Mbololo lot of attention

Mzima and Tassia watching Impalas

Tassia and Taveta after chasing off the warthogs

Tassia and Taveta playing in the pool

Tassia & Layoni have a scratch

Tassia & Dabassa wallow

Tassia on top of Rombo

Tassia scratches

Kenia wrestles Tassia

Tassia walks out of the mudhole

Tassia feeding on the slopes

Tassia dustbathing

Tassia takes on Layoni

Tassia and Dabassa strength testing

Layoni and Tassia playing

Tassia rubbing his bottom

Tassia at the edge of the mudbath

Tassia charging at a baboon

Tassia playing

Tassia climbing on Dabassa

Tassia having a blast

Tassia and Layoni strength testing

Layoni and Tassia

Tassia browsing

Tassia browsing under a tree

Tassia in the shade

Tassia enojoying some grass

Tassia scratching

Tassia scratching up

Tassia and Taveta wrestling

Tassia enjoying some tasty vegatation

Tassia and Wasessa in the woods

Tassia walks with wild elephant

Tassia climbing on top of Rombo

Tassia playing at the dustbath

Tassia browsing near a rock

Tassia browsing

Kivuko and Tassia dustbathing

Kenia and Tassia feed between the rocks

Rombo and Tassia strength testing

Tassia and Taveta strength testing

Tassia and Shimba at the mudbath

Tassia browsing at the top of Mazinga

Tassia getting into the mudbath

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