Turkwel's latest photos

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Turkwel and Mundusi

Turkwel dusting

Turkwel receiving treatment

Turkwel followed by Kainuk

Turkwel sleeping and getting much needed rest

Turkwel out with the others

Wanjala following Turkwel

Turkwel scratching her bottom

Turkwel browsing after treatment

Turkwel greeting Enkikwe

Turkwel and Sirimon

Turkwel and Suguta



Turkwel greets Orwa

Sities and Turkwel

Turkwel and Kanjoro

Kanjoro, Sites and Turkwel

Turkwel and Suguta

Turkwel and Siangiki

Turkwel, Maramoja, Rapa, Mutara

Sapalan leading Turkwel and Suguta

Shukuru playing with Turkwel

Turkwel scratching on Kainuk

Turkwel smelling at Naseku

Orwa plays with Turkwel

Turkwel plays Orwa

Turkwel scratching

Teleki communicating with Turkwel


Mutara and Turkwel feeding

Garzi and Turkwel soil dusting

Turkwel soil dusting

Turkwel scratching

Vuria and Turkwel

Turkwel feeding with Orwa

Turkwel browsing on grass

Mutara and Turkwel sharing a stick

Turkwel playing with Teleki

Little Lemoyian feeding with Turkwel

Turkwel rolling on the ground

Orwa playing with Turkwel

Turkwel, Orwa and Mutara on the ground

Turkwel and Mutara

Turkwel and Barsilinga

Turkwel scratching on a bent tree

Turkwel and Orwa relaxing

Turkwel playing whilst soil dusting

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