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Tusuja playing with Wanjala after wallowing

Tusuja smelling a wild bull in the morning.

Tusuja and Mundusi having a strength testing match in the morning.

Tusuja rolling on a dust mound.

Tusuja all muddied enjoying himself.

Tusuja having a good belly scratch.

Tusuja seeing what Kuishi has in her mouth.

Olsekki playing with Tusuja

Dupotto and Tusuja mud bathing

Orwa plays with Tusuja

Tusuja scratching

Wanjala & Tusuja drinking rain water

Tusuja and Roi

Tusuja with wild bulls

Tusuja and Pare racing for milk

Tusuja with a wild baby

Tusuja pushing Mundusi

Olsekki sand Tusuja strength testing

Tusuja scratching

Tusuja and Mteto racing for milk

Tusuja relaxing

Mundusi playing with Tusuja

Tusuja and Olsekki

Tusuja and Olsekki

Olsekki and Tusuja

Tusuja playing wih Kamok

Tusuja with Suguta

Olsekki taking lucerne from Tusuja

Roi and Tusuja

Tusuja playing with Namalok


Tusuja and Galla strength testing

Olsekki and Tusuja strength testing

Tusuja soil dusting

Tusuja and Olsekki strength testing

Tusuja playing with Kandecha

Enkikwe and Tusuja

Tusuja charging

Wanjala and Tusuja

Tusuja playing with Mundusi

Wanjala and Tusuja enjoying Lucerne

Esampu, Tusuja, Pare browsing

Tusuja and Galla

Tusuja and Roi

Nusu pushing Tusuja

Tusuja facing off with a wild elephant

Karisa engaging Tusuja

Wanjala engaging Tusuja

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