Ukame's Latest Photos

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Ukame scratching

Ukame walking off with her milk bottle

Ukame walking with a milk bottle

Maramoja and Ukame

Ukame leading

Ukame having her milk

Mundusi, Ukame and Mtito


Ukame and Naseku browsing together

Ukame playig with a branch

Ukame talking to Naseku

Lemoyian chattign to Ukame

Ukame and Roi carrying lucerne

Ukame and Kamok

Oltaiyoni and Ukame

Ukame browsing

Ukame and Oltaiyoni browsing

Ukame leaving the mud bath

Ukame and Kamok lead orphans to mud-bath

Ukame takes a break from the heat

Ukame scratching

Ukame peeling bark

Ukame pushing Galla

Ukame and Kamok leading

Ukame and Tusuja going to soil dust

Ukame and Galla coming in for their milk

Galla and Ukame soil dusting

Ukame leading the orphans

Ukame ready to start browsing activities

Ukame scratching

Ukame's lorry training is going well

Ukame soil dusting

Ukame wallowing in the mud bath

Ukame out browsing

Ukame and Galla in their new environment

Ukame was so hot today!

Ukame was so happy to move stockades

Ukame is still nervous of the translocation lorry

Ukame still a little nervous of walking further

Ukame feeling braver

Ukame did not want to go into her stockade

Ukame browsing with Dupotto

Ukame going to help Ndiwa

Ukame was so excited and running all over!

Big girl Ukame messing around

Ukame got the whole herd excited

Ukame was trying to protect Maramoja!

Even Ukame was scared of the giraffes

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