Ukame's latest photos

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Ukame and Siangiki

Mteto & Ukame at the mudbath

Ukame scratching her neck

Ukame and Naseku

Ukame and Mteto


Saplalan, Ukame and Esampu

Ukame playing

Ukame browsing

Mundusi, Ukame and Namalok having a drink

Olsekki, Ukame and Kamok having a drink

Ukame browsing

Ukame browsing with Oltaiyoni

Ukame and Wanjala

Ukame scratching

Ukame scratching while browsing

Ukame and Naseku browsing

Ukame and Esampu playing on an anthill

Maramoja and Ukame

Ukame scratching

Ukame scratching

Barsilinga & Ukame browsing together

Ukame playing

Ukame scratching

Namalok and Ukame

Garzi and Ukame playhng

Ukame browsing in the bush with the others

Turkwel & Ukame sharing lucerne pellets

Ukame reaching for greens


Wild baby playign with Ukame

Ukame, Mundusi and Jotto coming to mudbath

Ukame enjoying a dust bath along the road.

Ukame walking away with her bottle.

Ukame and Kilaguni strength testing

Ukame scratching

Ukame walking off with her milk bottle

Esampu and Ukame

Esampu and Ukame browsing together

Ukame walking with a milk bottle

Olsekki attempting to ride on Ukame

Ukame and Mteto

Maramoja and Ukame

Ukame leading

Kamok browsing with Ukame

Mteto and Ukame with Roi and Narok

Ukame having her milk

Mundusi, Ukame and Mtito

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