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Wanjala and Sapalan dusting

Wanjala and Pare

Kauro, Wanjala and Bongo

Wanjala and Kainuk

Wanjala browsing

Wanjala browsing

Wanjala and Karisa chewing on branches

Wanjala, Oltaiyoni and Narok

Wanjala and Ndiwa browsing

Wanjala soil dusting

Wanjala relaxing

Wanjala and Roi coming in for their milk

Wanjala chats with Mutara

Tusuja and Wanjala with nice lucerne

Wanjala mud bathing

Garzi, Wanjala and Kamok

Wanjala with the wild bulls

Wanjala scratching his ear

Lemoiyan running after Wanjala

Siangiki and Wanjala head for browsing

Olsekki and Wanjala

Wanjala says hello to Gawa

Lemoyian and Wanjala browsing

Wanjala going out to browse

Kamok, Wanjala and Galla

Wanjala greets Kibo

Wanjala talking to Roi

Wanjala greets Teleki

Baby Gawa threatening Wanjala

Wanjala, Galla and Ukame drinking milk

Wanjala saying hi

Wanjala is so good at going in the lorry

Wanjala playing with Gawa

Galla, Barsilinga and Wanjala

Wanjala soil dusting

Ndotto going to play with Wanjala

Wanjala is much more relaxed about everything!

Wanjala relaxing

Wanjala came running out of the forest

Wanjala wanted to win the fight

Wanjala was not happy either

Karisa behind Wanjala

Wanjala out with the others

Karisa, Maramoja and Wanjala

Wanjala having a nice morning

Then Wanjala too!

Wanjala flapping his ears to keep cool

Wanjala leading the others

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