Yatta's Latest Photos

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Yatta's group with the orphans

Yatta with babies Yoyo and Siku

Wendi and Yatta's ex-orphan herd



Yoyo and Yatta

Yatta and Yoyo at the stockade

Yatta and Wendi with the others

Yatta with the orphans

Yoyo and Yatta

Yatta, Yoyo, Enkikwe and Kama

Yatta's group with wild bulls

Wild elephant with Yatta's group

Yatta, baby Yoyo and Yetu

Ex Orphan Yatta with her baby Yoyo

Yatta and Kinna with their babies Yoyo and Kama

Yatta greeting the orphans

Yatta and Kinna arrive with their babies

Yoyo with Yatta and his nannies

Little Yoyo with Yatta and nannies

Olare, Yatta and Yoyo

Enkikwe, baby Yoyo and Yatta

Yatta and her children Yoyo and Yetu

Yoyo, Yatta and Karisa

Yatta's group coming for mud bath

Yetu, Yoyo and Yatta

Kama running from Sidai, Yoyo and Yatta

Yatta's baby Yoyo

Yatta and her Ex Orphan herd

Tusuja greets Yatta

Yatta with her group

Yatta says hello to the orphans

Yatta and Nasalot

Yatta visits the orphans

Ex Orphan Matriarch Yatta eating lucerne

Yatta with the junior orphans

Yatta's Ex Orphans coming into the stockade

Yatta greeting the orphans

Yatta's group arrive and join in on lucerne

Yatta with the other Ex Orphans

Yatta with her baby Yetu

Yatta and Yetu

Yatta pushing Orwa

Bomani, Wiva and Yatta

Yatta, Wiva and Yetu

Yatta, her calf Yetu and Galana

Orwa and Yatta

Vuria greets Yatta

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