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 Anti-Poaching Report for May 2017 - 6/19/2017
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During May the teams continued their daily patrols providing a security presence within their designated areas throughout the Tsavo Conservation Area.  Predominantly patrolling by foot, these teams track any human presence in the parks and protected areas whilst responding to any reports or requests made by the Kenya Wildlife Service, as well as supporting communities in situations concerning human-wildlife conflict.  The Kenze team was particularly active in human-wildlife conflict, pushing 20 wild elephants out of community land and back into the security of the Park.  Missions such as these require the support of the DSWT Aerial Unit as well as KWS ground support.  With the new DSWT A350 helicopter such tasks are now made much easier, as the power and speed of the aircraft makes the process more efficient and effective, directing the elephants easily through gaps in the fence.

The Kenze team also successfully arrested two ivory poachers who were captured in possession of ivory as well as poaching tools.  The culprits were handed over to the police for sentencing whilst the ivory was passed on to the KWS.  34 arrests were made in total during May, the Burra team arresting 1 bushmeat poacher and 5 charcoal burners, the Kenze team making 25 arrests in total, mostly including livestock herders, whilst the Yatta and Tiva teams also arrested 2 bushmeat poachers.

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