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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 LAIKIPIA  Male  February 1999 Loisaba- Laikipia  1 Year old  Mother died for no known reason, although suspected as a drought victim in Loisaba  Drought Related 

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6/24/2018 - The orphan elephants came out of their stockades in a happy mood ready for the milk and supplement feeding. Ndoria tried to engage Ngilai and Lasayen in a pushing game but was prevented from doing so by the keepers. Ishaq-B enjoyed scratching against rocks in the stockade compound where she was joined by Tundani. Murit and Lasayen engaged in a strength testing pushing match after which Lasayen had a scratching session against a tree trunk in the stockade compound.

The orphan elephants spent the morning browsing on the far northern side of the stockade before visiting the baobab water hole in the afternoon. A big wild elephant herd totaling more than thirty members had been drinking from the baobab water hole and nearly emptied all the water by the time the orphans arrived and the trough, and waterhole had to be replenished.

In the evening Laikipia came to the stockades together with a wild elephant cow and her calf, to have a drink from the stockade water hole after the orphans had already entered their stockades. The wild calf felt very safe and secure with Laikipia, and spent about half an hour with him at the stockade before all three returned to the park.

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 Laikipia Laikipia sitting down next to the mud wallow
photo taken on 5/30/2012
Laikipia sitting down next to the mud wallow
photo taken on 5/20/2005


A male calf estimated to be about 1 year old on arrival, therefore born February 1999. Another calf from Laikipia District in the North, orphaned when approximately 1 year old when his mother died during a very dry season, either from drought, sickness or even as a result of bullet wounds. Obviously, she had had very little milk for many months, because the calf was emaciated and skeletal when rescued. He arrived in the Nairobi Nursery in a pathetic condition in the late afternoon, extremely fearful of humans, but the input of "Lolokwe" calmed him immediately and within half an hour he was taking milk from a bottle.

Laikipia having milk

Astonishingly, by the next morning he was part of the Nursery group, out in the bush with the other elephants and their Keepers as though he had always belonged. However, not surprisingly the sudden intake of large quantities of milk triggered problems and we wondered whether he would have the reserves to cope, but he did. He was lucky to find himself in a much safer home and with a much more secure future within a large protected area. His best friend and sparring partner was another young bull named "Salama".

Laikipia sitting down next to the mud wallow  Laikipia clambering over Emily

Laikipia was and still is a very gentle and loving little elephant, sociable with all visitors, always eager to suckle a thumb, wrapping his trunk around a neck for comfort. Laikipia is a very forgiving little soul when one considers what his relatives have had to endure in Northern Kenya where poaching has long been, and still is, a serious problem.



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