Giving Tuesday 2017 for Elephants



We're delighted to let you know that thanks to all our amazing and generous friends, we've hit our Matched Giving target!

In less than 12 hours, you have helped raise an incredible $370,000 for our lifesaving projects in Kenya, which courtesy of extremely generous pledges from matching donors, will now be doubled to $740,000! This is more than we could have dreamed possible in a day, and it was in response to your generosity that additional donors pledged extra funds today, increasing our match fund from it's original $250,000 up to this final amount of $370,000.

This means we have now reached our maximum Matched Giving limit and any donations now made through our website and Giving Tuesday Campaign page will not be matched, however they will still make a massive difference to the lives of the elephants in our care, and the protection of their wild friends.

On behalf of our entire team, and our matching donors who have asked to remain anonymous, we would like to say a huge thank you for being instrumental in generating these funds today. We are totally in awe of everyone's generosity and the response to this matched funding opportunity. From the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned elephants, to flying thousands of kilometres every month on patrol, your support is helping to save more wild lives. Importantly, it is also supporting our efforts to ensure the orphans in our care today, and those we will be called to rescue, will have a safe and protected area in which to roam and grow old - a space to be elephants.

Once again, from each and every one of us at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, two legged and four, a heartfelt thank you again for your generosity and steadfast support.

Emoli and Maisha Elephant Orphans

Meet Emoli and Maisha. We rescued them from deathís door within a few weeks of each other and, over the past couple of months, they have become quite the dynamic duo.

Today, 28th November, you have the opportunity to perform a double act of your own. Generous partners have pledged to match all online donations made to the DSWT, on Giving Tuesday, up to a total of US$250,000. That means, for today only, your gift will go twice as far in supporting our conservation work in Kenya!

Please donate now to have your donation doubled.

Emoli and Maisha are both orphans of the devastating drought that has ravaged Southern Tsavo. Alone, motherless and frightened, we rescued these tiny drought victims from death's door and they've been growing healthier with each passing day thanks to nourishing milk, a nurturing keeper presence and 24 hour care. The only thing better than witnessing this transformation is seeing how much they have drawn strength and support from each other.

Their journey, however, is far from over. When we rescue an orphan elephant, we donít just commit to them for a few years ó we promise to protect them and watch over their family for a lifetime. With more persistent droughts decimating food sources and human-wildlife conflict on the rise as habitats shrink, this commitment of guardianship is needed now more than ever.

StockadeMwende Yoyo Yatta Yetu

Today we have the opportunity to generate a staggering $500,000 for our elephant protection projects but we have less than 24 hours to do it. Your gift will be directed to our extensive and proven field operations which protect vital habitats, work with communities to reduce human-wildlife conflict, keep our trained rangers operational and provide an immediate response to any injured animal in need. Ultimately ensuring orphans like Emoli and Maisha are protected from rescue through to old age, with a safe and spacious wilderness to call home when they start their own families.

Every donation, however much you are able to give, makes a big difference. Investing in proven conservation solutions, over the past 40 years we have reintegrated over 100 orphaned elephants back into the wild and protected them and the habitats they call home through coordinated boots on the ground and aerial surveillance.

Working alongside the Kenya Wildlife Service, to date, weíve attended over 4,000 animals cases, confiscated over 125,000 snares and witnessed the birth of 28 babies to wild living ex orphans (that we know of!) but we couldnít have achieved this alone and itís through your contributions that we can make a real and long lasting difference.

Helicopter Anti-poaching and Vet SupportF Dowson DSWT

Recent events in the USA around lifting a ban on the import of elephant hunting trophies have only underscored yet another dire threat facing elephants' survival. But it has also demonstrated the positive impact we can have when we stand together for elephants (with any decision now on hold). So letís work together again today, when your gift is urgently needed and can have double the impact it would have on any other day.

$15 will become $30, which could provide two dayís specialist milk for an orphaned elephant
$50 will become $100, which could plant 50 tree saplings to reforest vital habitats
$100 will become $200, which could deliver 40,000 litres of water in times of drought
$500 will become $1,000, which could keep a plane flying by funding an aerial patrol
$1,000 will become $2,000, which could rescue an orphaned elephant
$5,000 will become $10,000, which could purchase five acres of wildlife habitat

Forty years of observing elephants have shown us that they work together, especially during the hard times. Today, on Giving Tuesday, is your chance to join us in safeguarding the future of elephants like Emoli and Maisha, at a time when your gift can go twice as far. Together, we are their hope.

Thank you for your help and steadfast support,

Dame Daphne Sheldrick and Angela Sheldrick


Start date and time: 03.00AM PST (11am GMT) on Tuesday 28th November 2017

End date and time: 23:59PM PST on Tuesday 28th November 2017 (07.59AM GMT on Wednesday 29th November 2017) or when the US$250,000 matching fund is exhausted, whichever comes first.

Matching conditions: All online donations made directly to the DSWT via our website during the campaign, including to DSWT USA and DSWT UK, will be matched dollar for dollar (pound for pound) up to a total matched fund amount of US$250,000.

Donations that will not be matched: Donations made before 3AM Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday 28th November, after 11.59PM Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday 28th November 2017, and donations made after the matched funding runs out will not be matched. Direct debits made to the UK Charity will also not be matched, nor will donations made to the DSWT Gift Shop.

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