Benjamin Kyalo
Project Manager Ithumba Orphans Unit
34 years old
Kamba Tribe - born in Machakos

Started working for the Trust in 1999

Benjamin came to work for the Trust at the same time as Joseph Sauni who heads our Voi Orphans Unit. He was working in the Nairobi nursery as a elephant Keeper when Nasalot, Mulika, Kinna and Yatta were inmates and was then later transferred to Voi with them, and has been a part of their years in Tsavo, as they make the gradual transition into the wild herds. A number of years later when the Ithumba Orphans Unit was built, and the same four elephants were identified to be the group that were to begin the Ithumba Unit along with the more recent nursery intake, Benjamen was the obvious choice to head this new facility. He has been a part of Ithumba’s growth, and has witnessed the rebirth of this wilderness, with the presence of our orphaned herds bringing in the wild elephants, who have now become increasingly trusting, and being part of the guidance of Nasalot and Mulika, Kinna and Yatta into the wild herds of the North, has made his work most rewarding. His dedication and leadership have contributed towards making Ithumba the incredible place it is today.