Faru Team Burra Update: 01 December 2002

Faru Team Burra Update: 01 December 2002


Isaac Maina Team Leader Jacob Dadi Tracker Feisal Muteti Vehicle guard Two Rangers


A total of 174 snares were recovered during the period that was dominated by heavy down pour. We concentrated on areas accessible to tarmac road and all weather roads to avoid getting stuck in mud. The snaring exercise showed a decline, which could be attributed to rainy season when people are tending their farms.

We visited new areas in Mariwenji and a total of 85 snares were recovered. Some were old snares while others were freshly laid. All of them targeted small animals like dikdiks. Mwaghogho area neighboring Mariwenyi had 61 snares all of which, except 3, were targeting small animals. There were no snares at Voi forest, which has been identified as a poaching ground during the previous two months. Similarly, Irima and Ndara showed no fresh exercise.

Mgeno group ranch neighboring other ranches yielded 7 snares. However charcoal burning and tree felling dominated the area. Rain and marshy ground made it difficult to patrol the area extensively.