Faru Team Burra Update: 01 December 2005

Faru Team Burra Update: 01 December 2005


Alex Macharia – team leader Mathew Kiura John Mungai Sammy Odero Peter Wambua John Malonza Ikutha Mwoni 2 KWS Rangers

Area of operation:

The areas patrolled this month included the Ngutuni, Irima, Mublia, Ndome and Lion Hill.




Evidence of Poachers The evidence of poaching that we observed during our patrols were abandoned hideouts, felled trees, destruction of shrub vegetation by sue of ironware at Mbulia and the remains of a Buffalo were found at Ngutuni.

Information about the arrested poacher. During the month of December only one poacher was arrested at Mbulia.

The poacher named Benson Kiwoi Mwaghogho was arrested on the 20th of December 2005, in possession of 9 poisoned arrows, 4 bows and a roll of copper wire.
He claims to poach in order to live. He was booked at Voi police station and was released on bond after denying the charges.

Rescue Report We were called to assist in the rescue of a young elephant, in the Lumo area, that was reported to have been abandoned by its maternal herd.

Once rescued the calf was taken to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust voi Stockade in Tsavo East National Park. The calf a female was named Lumo after the area that it was found and was approximately 18 months old.
She seemed to be in good condition but unfortunately collapsed the following day and was found to have pneumonia as she had difficulty breathing and there was water dripping from her trunk. She died a day after she was rescued.

British Army Training The team members were full of enthusiasm at the beginning of the month as they were about to undergo some training from the British Army Peace Support Team. All the de-snaring team members took part in the training course.

The training involved everyone and was very interesting. Most of the members enjoyed the instruction on Map reading the most. We were also taught how to work a compass. Discipline was emphasized along with team work and self motivation. The members were made to understand that when in the field they need to work together in order for their operations to be a success.
The main objective of the training program was to equip the de-snaring members with knowledge and skills that they could use during their operations. As a team we are looking forward to learning more from the British Army Peace Support Team and will put to use in the field the tactics and techniques taught us during the training course.
We are grateful to the Trust management and the British Army members for their willingness to share their knowledge and help us become more effective in the field.

Report by Alex Macharia