Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 April 2006

Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 April 2006


Patrick Mutuku Isaac Maina Felix Micheni Aden Abdi Samuel Lolchuraki Nterito Kapina James Lodungkiyok Lemanten Lambarakwe Julius Mumo Mutua Koti

Areas Covered

During the course of this month the Gazi and Ithumba team worked together due a change being made in the team leaders and the swollen Athi and Tiva rivers. The areas patrolled included Kyae rock, Tundani, Kamanyenze, Mathae, Lagga-kungu, the Power line, the Kanziko-Kimweli fence line, Umbi, and the general area around the Tiva and the Yatta




The first four days we set up observation points as the Kimathenya hill which enabled us to monitor the poaching activities taking place along the fence line. We sighted one poacher around the Kalovoto Lagga and were able to track him with the help of the dog unit. Unfortunately it started raining heavily and the dogs lost the poachers scent.

At Kyae rock a footprint was noted which we followed. No illegal activates were found. We then moved our operations to the Tundani area were a set of footprints were seen leading to the swollen Tiva River. We were able to life 106 snares along the Tiva river bank. The poachers have taken advantage of the fact that the area has become inaccessible due to the stagnant runoff onto the road, and have increased their poaching activities. We also came across a hideout that had fresh blood stains and animal fur.

Around Mathae area, which is a poaching hot spot, we lifted a total of 99 snares, 7 of which were meant for big plain game.

We came across a set of footprints and with the help of the Dog Unit we were able to track the poacher and apprehend him.
The same poacher had been arrested in November 2004 for similar offences. He was booked at Mutomo police station where he is awaiting sentencing.

Our patrols along the Kanziko-Umbi fence line yielded 55 snares and a set of well concealed footprints which lead us to snared dead Dikdik.

Once the water level in the Tiva had gone down we crossed the river and patrolled the general area between the Tiva River and the Yatta Plateau. One footprint was noted leading out of the park.

COMMUNITY AWARENESS CAMPAIGN The month of April was marked by a different approach to sensitizing the communities surrounding the park.

We targeted the poachers personally as well as the opinion leaders such as the chiefs, assistant-chiefs, local politicians, as well as the church and youth leaders. The Warden of the Northern Area, the district wildlife warden, and the Sheldrick's team carried out an educational campaign targeting the neighboring communities from Kasaala to Mutha. We held several barazas and talked to the local administrators sharing our concerns with the local police chiefs. We showed several wildlife films
and rounded off our campaign by visiting the Kone community where we had a meeting with the elders of the area. Report by Patrick Mutuku and Isaac Maina