Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 August 2003

Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 August 2003

Area Of Operation

The month of August was coupled with other activities for example fence line surveys. As a result the de-snaring operations were centered along the fence line stretch, Umbi and the Tiva river areas.

Participants Wambua Kikwatha Learat Kasau Francis Itumo Munywoki Kisangi Vincent Muteti Francis Ekelo Mwanzia Nyamai George Wamyoni (OC Ithumba Platoon) 7 KWS Rangers

Field Findings

During this month our time was divided between the survey process, community work and de-snaring. However the three activities went on concurrently. The survey took 36 days while 20 days were dedicated to active de-snaring. We managed to lift a total of 433 snares, only 7 of which were designed to catch larger animals and the rest for small animals such as Dik- Dik. The snaring level is still very high but we have noticed an improvement since we started de-snaring activities in the area. We were expecting to collect almost double the amount so compared to the previous years it was a pleasant surprise. Kasaala – Kimweli boundary stretch we can say is pretty snare free but the Umbi and Tiva is still riddled with snares. Poachers have resorted to walking huge distances to reach these areas. Next month's operation will focus on the Yatta, Tiva and the Umbi.

Community Work

Community work this month involved school visits. This month we visited two schools namely Kisou and Kasaala. The other schools were not visited because the holiday had started and so would not be back until next month. Plans are underway to start community activities with the Orma community at Konne and the neighboring areas Report by Wambua Kikwatha