Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 August 2000

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 August 2000


Wambua Kikwatha Boniface Kivai John Malonza Guide Josphat Nzue KWS Ranger Rhoum Abadada KWS Ranger Muema Kingoo Cook


The August operation was a revisit of the abovementioned areas. The areas next to the railway stations including Irima have been patrolled three times since August last year . Findings emanating from the patrols indicate a declining trend of snaring. During the first attempt a total of 447 snares were lifted while the second one yielded 258 snares. The results of this operation were unexpected, in that only 95 snares were collected along the railway line and around stations. Along this particular stretch we expected to find hundreds. 4 dik dik were found snared. If this trend continuous snaring can be more or less eradicated but pressure will have to be forever maintained.

Following our second operation results, Mr. Leparie (former officer commanding security in Tsavo West) in a bid to arrest the menace, served all railway Station Masters with a warning letter. The letter features conspicuously on all station notice boards for the workers to read. Our patrols were coupled with interactive sessions with the respective station workers. Various issues were discussed such as the workers wildlife conflict and how to live in harmony with the wildlife. They vowed to co-operate and stop the vice!

The Chinese construction base yielded less snares compared to the number collected previously. We learned that the base is being closed down and this could be the reason why there is less snaring.

Mangelete area yielded 118 snares. Most were made for small game. A snared porcupine was found and released. Our operation took place concurrently with another one by the Tsavo East rangers, however we avoided the places where they had patrolled such as Irima, along the Mzima water pipeline and other places. Instead, we checked the Tsavo West boundary near Ndi station where over 100 snares were collected.

A total of 395 snares were lifted within the period of two weeks.

Report compiled by WAMBUA KIKWATHA