Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 February 2004

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 February 2004

James Mbuthia- Team leader David Njoroge – Assistant Team Leader John Malonza - Tracker Francis Chege Msakau Mbanga Wilson Nangua Francis Mwangi - KWS Josphat Mule - KWS Abel Nzioki - KWS


The operation was divided into 2 parts; the ream was based at Komboy for the first phase for six days and later relocated to Ziwani are, the southern sector of Tsavo West. While based at Komboyo 102 snares were recovered along the river stretch from Mtito town to Yumbani and Nthungui area. The concentrations of the snares were high at Matangini area while charcoal burning and overgrazing was high at Yumbuni. The river circuit road was graded by the Kenya Wildlife Service making the area accessible during patrols. The team later moved to Ziwani area, which has become a priority area for our operations. A total of 95 snares were lifted all made for large mammals. Sadly skeletons of snares animals were found along the snaring lines. Unfortunately due to the limitation of time, we had to leave a large area without collecting any snares. Poaching at night is still high, these people are moving in from Tanzania. We tried to cover the major penetration points into the park especially the Ziwani estate, Kedong, Salaita, Nkikini and an area near lake Chala. Altogether the whole operation recovered 197 snares.


Sports play a major role in enhancing conservation knowledge, it is during such events that poaching information is gathered and a better trust is built between the community and us. This month we received a donation of sporting equipment from The Kerrigan Waves Trust that enabled us to give volleyball and badminton equipment to a number of schools. The schools that benefited from the donation were kamunyu Primary school, Ngiluni, nthunguni, Mamba and Kyusiani primary school. All the schools were extremely grateful with the donation and in about a months time we will be holding an inter-school competition which they are looking forward to very much.

Report by James Mbuthia