Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 February 2008

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 February 2008


Alex Macharia – team leader Francis Chege Semeli Lolchuraki Nteritu Kapina James Nuymu Vincent Mutua 4KWS Rangers

Areas Covered

During the course of the month of February the following areas were patrolled by the Mtito de-snaring team: the Mtito River, the Mangerete area, Chullu gate, the Triangle, Kenani, Kanga and the general area around Kilaguni.



The month of February started with the desnaring team setting up camp at the heart of the Tsavo Triangle near a source of water. This area is suspected to be an entry point for poachers entering the park. As we carried out our desnaring activities we came to realize that there are alot of illegal activities taking place in the area, such as poaching and logging.

We were able to track bicycle tracks which led into and out of the park. Furthermore we came across six active poachers hideouts some of which contained the poacher’s possessions.

We were able to collect of total of 27 small snares during our desnaring activities in the Triangle. The team also came across 4 poachers who unfortunately spotted us before we saw them and thus were able to escape arrest. In their hurry to get away they left behind there possessions which included food stuffs such as maize flour, tomatoes and onions.

Another group of poachers, who were again operating in the triangle, were also able to evade arrest and left behind a panga a knife and 84 small and big snares.

Sadly during our patrols we also came across a dead elephant whose tusks had been removed.

Upon examining the remains we saw a small hole in the neck, evidence that the elephant had probably been shot with an arrow.

From our informants the team has learnt that there is an increase in elephant poaching. This can be substantiated by the number of footprints that the team came across both in the triangle and in the triangles periphery.

At Mangerete the levels of poaching were also found to be high with lots of small snares being lifted by the team.

Three Dikdiks were found dead in snares and the carcass of a buffalo was also seen.
A total of 187 snares were collected, 54 of which targeting large game, and the majority, 133 targeting small game.

Community work The Mtito desnaring team took Ngiluni Primary school, which has also benefited from desk and learning materials, on a field trip into Tsavo national park. 29 children attended the field trip and were taken to Mzima Springs, Chaimu Hills, Shetani lave and Rhino valley.

Alot of wildlife was seen such as Elephants, Ostriches, Zebras, Giraffes, Antelopes and Buffalo. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the day was a success.

Report by Alex Macharia