Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 October 2003

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 October 2003

Area covered

Mtito river stretch to the Athi confluence to Chyulu hills


James Mbuthia David Njoroge John Malonza Julius Mwania Masaku Mbanga Jared Matara Jared kirwa


A total of 513 snares were lifted and 2 poachers arrested, 90% of the snares were made for small game while the rest were made for the larger game. The majority of snares were found along the river and around Mtito town where most poachers live. We also found a shooting platform located at the top of a tree and there was evidence that it was used for shooting arrows at wildlife. Around Mtito railway station and its environs 216 snares were lifted in 2 days and poachers were arrested not so far from there. Vegetation destruction and encroachment into the park was also evident. We also came across numerous footprints inside the game park which shows that there are a large amount of people moving in and out trying to find animals. The team later relocated to Tsavo West for further de-snaring to cover the upper stretch of the Mtito river. A large number of snares were found as well as carcasses of dead bushbuck, lesser Kudu and Dikdiks. We also found bicycle tracks leading deep into Tsavo West at Yumbuni area where there was also a large amount of deforestation. As the dry season goes on we will have to increase our patrols, as there will be a larger amount of people looking for food inside the park.

Community Awareness

Tree planting projects

The distribution of seedlings has started; Chase secondary school received 55 seedlings this month. These will be planted before the schools break up for the December holidays.


So far ball games have been progressing well. As more and more small tournaments are set up, we seem to gather more information about poacher’s whereabouts.

Video Shows

Matulani and Kikwasuni primary schools benefited from video shows this month.

Report by James Mbuthia