Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 September 2004

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 September 2004


De-snaring report for September 2004


James mbuthia – team leader Francis Chege Peter Wambua – Peregrine team Isaiah Ndei – Peregrine Wilson Naingisa – KWS Chris Ngondi – KWS Masakau Mbanga

Area of Operation

The Yatta area from Cotters Camp to Thembagunji along the Athi River and Tsavo confluence. The Mtito side of the Chyulu hills


This month Peregrine team joined up with the Mtito team and we had two extra rangers for the operation. A total of 450 snares were recovered and two poachers were arrested, also their 2 bows and 10 arrows were confiscated.

Along the Yatta the teams concentrated around the springs that run from the plateau to the Athi as this is where the majority of game in the area is and would most likely have been given that it is very dry now.
Foot prints were found in this particular area and we found a small number of snares. The footprints moved across the Yatta and into the triangle heading towards Kyulu and Kenani.
It was in Tsavo West where we caught two poachers, near to the Kyulu gate. They also had in their possession green garnet that had been excavated near to the Tsavo River.
Mining in the park is also evident near to the rivers and one can safely say that if there are people in the park already illegally, they are no doubt poaching as well.
Sadly we came across four dead buffalos, one bush buck and one water buck all dead, We managed to locate a number of hideouts on the area which we destroyed. We also patrolled the usual Peregrine are of operation where we collected a further 77 snares

Report by James Mbuthia