Peregrine Team Update: 01 August 2005

Peregrine Team Update: 01 August 2005


Jacob Dadi – Team leader Isaia Ndei

Area covered

This month the team patrolled the trust land and the private farm land from Simon Trevor’s land through to Mr. Nutter’s land. In addition they patrolled Kaluku, Zasuni’s and the Mtito up streams


There is a continual increase of the number of wild animals being found in there areas. This month we did not come across or find any snares during our patrols. Upon investigation we learnt that the poachers are setting their snares in the community areas where they know we have difficulty removing the snares without the presence of some sort of security with us which is provided to us by the KWS rangers. We did not find any snares in the areas that we patrolled. The team tended to the trees on the trusts land replacing a tree that had been knocked down in the night by a buffalo. We continued transplanting the seedlings into plastic bags.

The Peregrine de-snaring team is now based in a new camp that has been set up at the end of the entrance to the Trust’s land near to the community land. No community projects were arranged this month

Report by Jacob Dadi