Peregrine Team Update: 01 January 2009

Peregrine Team Update: 01 January 2009


Bramwel Ireri Peter Mwangi



The Team started the month’s patrols on the Trust land where we thankfully did not lift any snares. We did however lift 23 small snares and 2 large snares from an abandoned farm which is adjacent to the Trust Airfield.

We then patrolled the Mtito River from rock camp towards the Athi River. The team lifted 6 large snares and 31 small snares on Kanyasia farm. Unfortunately, on the same farm, we also came across the carcass of a warthog that had been killed by a snare.

We believe that the poachers are targeting the areas near to the streams as there is a large number of wildlife crossing the river from the park to the Athi in search of water. The team was also given several snares by the Manager of Sasoon farm.

Report by Bramwel Iremi